So many new adventures…. | Edmonton Children’s Photographer

So many new adventures…. | Edmonton Children’s Photographer

By on January 18th, 2014

As some of you may know we have temporarily re-located back to Alberta.  I finished off the season in Chilliwack and moved back to my childhood home in Morniville.  It was a hard decision one my husband and I didn’t take lightly, but Alberta is where the money is right now (and some pretty important people).  The girls seemed to have adjusted ok, other then a couple bouts of antibiotics, -20 weather and us still waiting on our moving bin (which has our entire life in).  We still have a ways to go. It is our new adventure…

The girls are all growing, learning and changing so much… Little Laila is growing faster then ever. (Again I am posting a month behind…) she is now 6 months, she is sitting on her own, and she has her two bottom teeth poking through.  It madness.  I am trying to soak in every moment I can.  Here are a few photos of her last month.


edmonton baby photographer

edmonton children photography

Looking forward to the many new memories and people we will meet!

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