Smile | A Chilliwack Family Photographer

Smile | A Chilliwack Family Photographer

By on January 16th, 2012

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A week ago I posted a link to my Face Book page.  This certain blog post was a little controversial, and I wanted to touch base as to my reasoning to sharing this blog post.

It was called “The Letter” The base of the post was about a woman who had been given bad news about her health and how sorry she was for canceling her session with her local photographer, and how her family would now be missing these moments.  How the cost of photography is expensive but, over the course of a few weeks she had already foolishly spent over 1/2 the cost of the session.   Yes, photography is a luxury and not everyone can afford professional photography.  Where the post could have been changed was not based on money but on memories.  But I did not write it.

Do I think everyone needs and should go out and spend hundreds of dollars on Photography? Heck NO! In no way shape or form should anyone be made to feel guilty into spending his or her hard earned cash on a luxury.  But what I will tell you is that I feel people need to capture their moments whether you set your point and shoot camera up on a table and hit the timer button, or go to your local department store photo studio.  I don’t care! The point I was hoping to share was to just do it! Stop making excuses… “I need to lose 10 lbs” or ” I really want to get my hair done first”.  I promise looking back 3 or 5 years from now, that wont matter. No one will be looking at your images and say “wow, why didn’t you get your hair done?”  I promise your kids will show these photos to their kids and share stories and memories.

The blog post hit close to home for a few reasons… When my brother in law passed away, we did what most people do in our situation.  We pulled out the photos and videos.  We clinged to the images. They gave us a sense of comfort.  They helped us remember. They helped us laugh.  They truly helped us heal.  I do remember feeling like “I wish we had more”.  They didn’t have to be all professional, but if I could go back I would give hundreds upon thousands of dollars to do a professional session with him and my husbands family. I would.  I would have loved to give his mom some beautiful images to look back on and remember.

So… Smile…

Advice from the book Mom’s Almanac by Alice Wong.

…You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get the most out of picture taking…

1. Make sure your shadow does not appear in the frame

2. Try to avoid placing your subject in the centre of the frame.  Off-center pictures can be interesting.

3. Try Photographing the same subject several times and frame each shot differently. Compare the results and note the ones you like best so you’ll remember that technique next time.

4. Don’t wait for ‘the perfect moment’ Take a series of pictures to show your child in action.

5. When taking pictures outdoors, avoid having your children face the sun, which would make them squint.

and my favorite…

6. Remember, your photos don’t always have to document happy moments.  Take photos of your children in all their various moods, or engrossed in some activity.  Your photo album will reflect more of your children’s personalities.


When you are ready to hire a Professional Photographer, there are many.  I assure you will find one that will fit the style you are looking for as well as fit your personal budget.  Until then…

Keep on taking pictures!








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