New Line of Photo Jewellery | Chilliwack Photographer

New Line of Photo Jewellery | Chilliwack Photographer

By on November 11th, 2011

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My studio sample of the new “Product” has arrived!!  I am now offering my clients a beautiful line of professional quality photo jewellery.  And I have to say they are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!  This sample is with my personal photos so I can use them at home… I have worn the necklace a few times now and I have received a lot of complements, people asking me “where did you get that?” “Oh my, it is beautiful”.

There are a lot of Jewellery companies out there that offer some beautiful pieces, the thing is everyone can buy then, anyone can be wearing the EXACT same bracelet, or necklace… with this line every piece is completely one of a kind, completely customizable, completely personal!  The necklace shown is the “Story Necklace” It has my family photo (Andrea Devisser Photography).  My husband first initial C in the little heart charm, both my girls first initials, “Love” charm, and M+C charm.  It tells my story… the story I love wearing, and living!

Hint to all the men out there…. This would make an amazing Christmas gift!

The next product showing is the Christmas ornaments… it is tradition that every year I buy my girls a christmas ornament.  There are rules.  It has to have the year on it, it has to show or mean something for that year.  And when they are all grown up and ready to set up their own tree in their first home they will have a keepsake for every year of their childhood.  What better way to capture them at that time in their life then with a photo ornament.  it has to be my favourite item I carry!

Prices start at $60.00

Necklace image by Andrea Devisser photography



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