My Why:

My Why:

By on October 20th, 2011

Chilliwack Photographer


People ask me why I do what I do… I always used to tell people that it is important to create and hold to memories, I told them I loved my job because I did this for people.  I helped create and keep their memories,  memories to be remembered forever.  Recently I sat down and wrote my why…

“I am an artist. I create and capture moments in time with a photograph. I love children. I love the care free, and unbiased nature of a child. I love families. I love the moments when love can be seen from a mothers touch or a father’s eye’s. I take the time to capture the true nature of your life in that moment. So when you look back you will smile, and remember.” ~Melissa

I look forward to capturing your moments and create a life time piece of art for you to hang on your walls.




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