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Those Special Sessions… | Sturgeon County Photographer

By on March 9th, 2016

You know those sessions that tug at your heart and break a small piece off. The ones you will ALWAYS remember. The ones that teach you so much in one short hour or so that you never knew you’d learn. The ones that make you love life and be grateful for the life you have.

This was one of those sessions. One I will always remember. One I don’t fully understand nor will I ever understand. One that fills your heart with so much sadness, pain, yet strength to pull yourself together so you can give a grieving mother and or father some closure and memories that will surely fade. The comfort of knowing when they are ready they have the photos to look back on and remember the tiny lips, the tiny curls, and they will remember that she had momma ‘s eyes and daddy’s little nose.

I will never understand a mothers or fathers grief and pain after a loss of a child. But knowing I can give them something, anything to help ease a little of that pain is comforting to me, i can only hope one day it will be comforting to them as well.

sturgeon county photographer

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The making and restoring of a creative person | Sturgeon County Photographer | Pender Island

By on February 9th, 2016

About now I should be busy planning our next Art and Life retreat with some amazing girls, but instead we decided to take a little break.  So I thought I would share some of my images from last year.  Last year I was in much different place when it came to Photography.  Finding your way in such a over saturated industry with some amazing photographers left me feeling like maybe this isn’t the path I should take.  I felt like my creative vibe was taking a break and I just couldn’t dig myself out of how to rebuild the brand and reputation I worked hard in BC to build.  Support from family and friends are key as well as good SEO.  So I found myself working on those things and not so much the creative side.  I mean we only have so much family we can rope into paying for photos.  After my much needed retreat things came into perspective and I was able to dive back into my creative side… I picked up some new clients and forgot more about rebuilding and thought more about what makes me happy.  These make me happy.. Day two and three are coming up. Stay tuned








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Little Laila’s Room | Sturgeon County Photographer

By on October 7th, 2014

I promised you all a look at her first year birthday art!  Here it is…
This is Laila’s room.  Since we are just renting I haven’t gone all out, but I am actually loving the simplicity of all my girls rooms.

Sturgeon County Children Family Photographer

Sturgeon County Childrens Photographer_2

Sturgeon County Family Photographer Sturgeon County Family Photographer_1

Sturgeon County Childrens Photogrpaher_1

Thanks for taking a peek.  If you missed the HOW it went down post of her Art collection you can read and see it here!

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Summer Bath Loving | Sturgeon County Children’s Photorapher

By on September 23rd, 2014

My last baby is not longer a baby… She turned one in June and we did a cute little photo shoot after a little painting, I picked up a cute metal basin and filled it full of warm bubbly bath water.  Having a bath on the grass on a warm summer evening is one of the true meanings of childhood, and what summer is all about, getting dirty (too dirty to head inside to bath up) and bathing outside.  She LOVED it.  Sturgeon County Photographer _ Blog


I mean really?! How adorable is she??

A little messy, but oh so much fun | Sturgeon County Children’s Photographer

By on September 16th, 2014

My little Laila turned one.  As a fun birthday project we picked up some 8×10 canvases. We took masking tape and made a number one, she when removed there was a white number one in amongst her colorful painting greatness.  (thanks Auntie Sarah for the amazing idea!) We bought some cool shimmery paint, laid down a old white sheet and let her go crazy.  Now the paint was non toxic thank goodness because when babies explore they always use their mouth.  Well paint and mouthing is not a good mixture.
She loved the paint feeling when she squished it between her sweet little fingers. She needed a little help showing her exactly what we wanted her to do, but she caught on.   After painting fun she needed a BATH!  Stay tuned for that fun little session.

Sturgeon_County_Childrens Photographer_Blog


Wondering what these look like on her wall in her sweet little room…
Stay tuned!


Daisy Crowns and Silent Sounds | Second Annual Women’s Photographer Retreat… | Pender Island, B.C.

By on September 9th, 2014

This years retreat was so much different then last years… I wasn’t Preggo!!  I was able to enjoy all the wine in the world.  And I did!  I didn’t drink the whole time…  it was  a lot of work and a little play.
We had a few different ladies this time and some returning.  we did miss some of the missing women, but I enjoyed getting to know some new faces and seeing some faces I haven’t seen in a while.
Being on the admin team, I was in the know as to the plans and helped make this year a successful one.  We tried some new things some worked and some things we will try differently next year.
One thing for sure is the house is AMAZING and is a great place to get away and relax… Recharge.

Sturgeon County Photographer


Nancy –

Sandy –

Elsie –

Jocelyn –

Dara –

Tammy –

Jennifer – Who is Dara’s super talented sidekick…

Our day one started after picking up the other ladies from the ferry, unloaded luggage, made a daisy crown, sat and talked as a group getting to know one another or catching up and packed back up to pick up our models.  It was very cram packed, but we were so excited to share our location and meet the beautiful K & M.  What a Gorgeous couple!

Morinville photographer

Morinville photographer_1

 Hi Tammy and Jennifer! 

We said good night to this stunning view…

Wishing and dreaming I was back there, as I sign off…



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Ten Months too fast | Sturgeon County Photographer | Morinville Photographer

By on May 14th, 2014

We have been in Alberta for a bit now, and as the weather warms up I am hearing more excitement in being in our new home.  We hear less “I wanna go to your house mommy” Which is our old house.  Right now we are staying at “grandma’s old house”  Which is true… we all miss BC  A LOT! But we are here as a family and that is what is important.  Business has, for obvious reasons slowed down, new area, new people building from scratch.  I’m not so much bothered by that though… the move was draining, mentally, physically, and financially.  It was a really stressful time.  Things are slowly starting to normalize which is leaving me the itch to get creative.  Just in time too.  I leave at the end of the month to my Art and Life Photo retreat which is more like a mini holiday, but shhhhhh…. don’t tell the hubster.

Laila my sweet sweet baby is looking more like a toddler in training.  She is beautifully perfect.  With dark brown hair, that seem to be lightening from the sunlight.  She has big blue eyes,  and a smile that I am 100% positive melted the snow here in Alberta.  Here she is…

www.melissadepape.comSturgeon_county PhotographerMDP_3226


Is she not the sweetest little babe?? EVER?!


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Where does the time go? | Chilliwack Children’s Photographer

By on November 8th, 2013

chilliwack photographer

The last month has been so busy for us as a family, there are many changes in the works and it has literally thrown our life into utter chaos.  We are slowly gearing down and I am starting to enjoy the stillness that we are starting to find.  This little love bug is 4 months now!  Laila is growing and changing so fast, she is hitting all these milestones and you start to see less newborn and more baby?! I wanted her to stay tiny and little so bad, but as she grows and learns new things you start to see the excitement in her and everyone around her.   Gosh she melts me…

Chillwack childrens Photography

Chilliwack childrens photographer

If there were any baby that knew how to smize this would be the baby!  Tyra would be proud!







ChilliwackChildrensPhotographer Chilliwack family photography


Love M
(aka Mommy)

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As Sweet as Heaven | Chilliwack Children’s Photographer

By on October 9th, 2013

chilliwack photographer

When you have a new baby time seems to sit still but go by so quickly all at the same time.  Nights are sleepless, but in some ways you enjoy it.  Well I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t enjoy waking up to the sound of a crying baby from a deep and beautiful sleep, but I do enjoy laying in a quiet dark room holding my baby as she nurses.  This is the most peaceful time I get with her.  One where her and I bond mother and daughter.  It’s just her and I, it’s quiet, dark and full of baby snuggles.  This is the part I love.

Chillwack baby photographer

I have feared her growing to fast.  Wanting her to stay little for as long as possible.  “Stay tiny” I would whisper to her.  Then one day she smiles, a real smile the one where your eyes lock and you know she sees you… and then it happens.  A beautiful ‘you’re my mommy’ smile.  And then you think ‘this growing up thing might be ok’  Right now I am enjoying her every moment I can.  Just the way she is.

Chilliwack Childrens Photographer_1


I hope you think she is as sweet as I do! My two month old.


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One Month and counting… | Chilliwack Newborn Photographer

By on July 29th, 2013

chilliwack photographer

Just over 4 weeks ago we welcomed sweet Laila into our family.  The last weeks have flown by.  Laila continues to melt our hearts, the girls are just as in love as the first day they met her.
So many people will ask “Is she a good baby?”  this question is an easy one.  Yes she is good.  She eats, sleeps, poops and cries if one of these have not been met.  She has her good days and her bad days, but her bad days are sometimes my favorite…  I get zero things done around the house, but I get lots of cuddles, and she is a really good at cuddling.  I have a feeling she will be just like her sisters and also love to cuddle.

Here is her one month photo ♥





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