As Sweet as Heaven | Chilliwack Children’s Photographer

As Sweet as Heaven | Chilliwack Children’s Photographer

By on October 9th, 2013

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When you have a new baby time seems to sit still but go by so quickly all at the same time.  Nights are sleepless, but in some ways you enjoy it.  Well I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t enjoy waking up to the sound of a crying baby from a deep and beautiful sleep, but I do enjoy laying in a quiet dark room holding my baby as she nurses.  This is the most peaceful time I get with her.  One where her and I bond mother and daughter.  It’s just her and I, it’s quiet, dark and full of baby snuggles.  This is the part I love.

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I have feared her growing to fast.  Wanting her to stay little for as long as possible.  “Stay tiny” I would whisper to her.  Then one day she smiles, a real smile the one where your eyes lock and you know she sees you… and then it happens.  A beautiful ‘you’re my mommy’ smile.  And then you think ‘this growing up thing might be ok’  Right now I am enjoying her every moment I can.  Just the way she is.

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I hope you think she is as sweet as I do! My two month old.


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